Lighting is key to getting the best out of your home both in terms of usability and aesthetics.

HES offer a wide range of products and services from lighting design, control systems and contemporary light fittings.

Lighting design should be simple and we take a form follows function approach to this and design from the actual lit effect as opposed to the light fitting.

Control is just that, Control. It is not there to give you cool looking light switches (although they are pretty cool), but it is about creating simple to operate schemes that give you the effect you want when you want it. Add to this the elongated life spans on light fittings due to soft starting and the great energy savings as a result of digital dimming and you will question how you managed back in the old days of switches.

LED is now our number one source of light within the systems we design. The quality of light is now as good if not better than halogen or incandescent light sources and pair with this an energy saving of around 80% for a like for like output it would be shortsighted to specify anything else.

Why not give us  call to discuss our lighting options and any upcoming projects you may have?